Orphan Care

Aid International, Inc. is partnered with Faith & Love in Action Foundation, an NGO based in Jacmel, Haiti. Faith & Love in Action runs three orphanages in Jacmel: a Boy’s Home, Girl’s Home, and Toddler’s Home. Currently, there are 109 youths in the Homes.


Daily care is provided by a dedicated team of ‘House Mothers’ that live in the homes and auxiliary staff that ensures everything runs smoothly (from transportation to administrative needs) and that each youth in the Homes is taken care of.

From yoga classes, music lessons, to career planning  — our staff and partners are truly dedicated to providing the care and attention every child needs and deserves.

Aid International works with Faith and Love Children’s Ministries, a Charitable Organization in Canada that focuses on sponsorship and occasional adoptions for the FLL orphanages.

Aid International is also partnered with Centre de Bienfaisance Orphanages in Carrefour, Haiti and other children centers in Jacmel and Port-au-Prince. Aid International provides food as well as financial support for the orphanages and tuition for the children’s education.