We’d like to introduce our Sponsorship Program. For the past 20 years, we could not have built and maintained the work in Haiti without your loving and ongoing support. Knowing this, a focus for us is better communicating the impact that you and your families have had in the lives of the kids at the Homes, students in the schools, and many communities in which we work.

Faith & Love/AID efforts started as just a dream to make a difference – and your generous support has allowed us to build a genuine organization that continues to make sustainable impact in Haiti. With your support, sponsored children and initiatives can continue to meet their daily needs and impact the overall communities. With this program/portal, you’ll be able to receive regular updates on the work you are part of! You can immediately view children’s profiles, pictures, and updates on initiatives.

Our goal as an organization is to foster sustainability: our initial work was focused on rescuing orphans and building a family structure around them. As the wait list for the Children’s Homes grew however, we realized the necessity to address the underlying issues that are systemic in the country and resulting in children who are not sustainable. We welcome you to join us in this fight by supporting the education, empowerment and care for the children in Haiti

Examples of what your support makes possible:

$60 Food for an entire month ($2/day)
$30 Tuition for secondary school student.
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